The Company

MKC is a leading, Electro-Mechanical, Automation & Industrial lines Company, established in 2007 by Eng. Mohamed Khafagy, having its roots in Egypt, Italy & Qatar. We provide world class services to be active at all stages in different industries like Food, Beverage, Oil & Gas, Petro-Chemical, Electro Mechanical Projects etc.
Though we operate in an intensely competitive and unhealthy environment, we do our business in a fairly professional and ethical way with a code of conduct acceptable to the nation and the community as a whole. We always keep our reputation and operate with an uncompromising sense of integrity.
Our commitment to quality and efficiency leads to client satisfaction and has benefited in a long term close relationship and repeated business with our clients. We at MKC always respect and treat with dignity not only our clients but also our employees. We excel at providing quality service to our clients with reliable solutions to their most complex challenges to improve and sustain their need and objectives.
Backed up by the long experience and technical assistance of its European partners, MKC relies on the support of highly trained engineers and technicians.


MKC strives to meet the increased demand on professional Electro-Mechanical Contractors, and to provide a professional and long-term partnership with clients who believe that professionalism and quality is not a luxury but rather a must in any project, whether commercial, residential, industrial or public.

Team Work



To be an outstanding organization serving the society with honesty and accountability, delivering quality work of lasting value and operating with the highest level of integrity. We work in partnership with sophisticated customers who value the highest levels of quality, safety and technical expertise. Our skills are applied in appropriate combination to meet individual customer need. We will continue to take appropriate action to develop our strategy successfully.


To be the right choice for our clients in their quest of professional, technical and services needs.
Who can understand the difference, value and perceive it as being integral to their success.
We do the job at the right time with the right people and in the right way exceeding expectations.